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Deploy Enterprise Knowledge Bot in minutes

Automate 80% of your use case with out A.I powered bots. Bot gives your business an extra pair of hands that never gets tired, work around the clock and can answer questions without any assistance, all by using your existing FAQ, structured documents, product manuals or website content in minutes.

Industry first! A.I. powered Enterprise smart bots

Correct answer rate of 95% guarantee

Average of other companies 80% (In-house research)

PearlArc A.I is very different from other chat bots. Our bot specialist will contribute to the achievement of your strategic objective, and deliver your overall goals.

Grow your business or incresase you employee interaction using our A.I. powered enterprise knowledge Bots.

Use Your Existing Data.

Unlike most chat bots solutions that require months of gathering and analysing significant amounts of complex data, raantec A.I. powered chat bots solutions extracts data from existing FAQ or help pages or any documents (.docx, .doc, .pdf, .xlsx, and .tsv).

Self-Learning A.I.

Every interaction leads to better results and happier customers. Raantec ai's machine learning finds patterns in data to deliver the most effective results. Once it sees certain questions resolved by certain answers, it knows to serve those answers again. You'll see value in weeks, not months.

Fully Managed

So far, figuring out the different ways users can ask a question has been the responsibility of the bot developer or business SME's. We offer a fully managed bot service, we manage your data, we monitor the channel engagement, make necessary adjustment and keep your up to date with channel performance.


Less spending on operations


Availability for your business


Times more engagement


Effort spent on maintainance