Bespoke Mobile Apps

PearlArc has relentlessly strived to achieve excellence in mobile applications, which is reflected in the comprehensive portfolio of its mobile applications and an impressive list of its satisfied customers.

Bespoke Mobile Apps

Bespoke mobile apps refer to custom-designed and developed mobile applications that are tailored specifically to meet the unique needs and requirements of a particular individual, business, or organization. These apps are built from scratch, starting with a detailed understanding of the client's objectives and then creating a solution that addresses those objectives precisely..

Be it native, hybrid or web mobile applications, PearlArc has cut across technologies, frameworks, domains and industry verticals to emerge as a partner of choice for organizations to reap the business benefits of its mobile-based services.

We have helped start-ups and individuals materialize and execute their mobile apps ideas in various mobile apps categories including social media, personal productivity, games, health & fitness, and other interests and hobbies with our cutting edge mobile apps services for immense business benefits.

The key enablers of our bespoke mobility services

PearlArc has strong experience in developing apps across various genres – Business, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Finance, Productivity, Social Networking, Sports, Gaming, Travel and Utilities.
We have a wide coverage of technology platforms including but not limited to iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones & Tablets and Windows Mobile
Our team has strong experience of working with Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows App Store to develop specific applications for them including in-app purchase capabilities.
We have an envious track-record of successful and superb execution of native app development projects which ensures right, impactful and winning solution for your business. PearlArc has successfully delivered over 100 projects on time, within budget and with robust quality
We have a dedicated practice centered on intuitive and aesthetically pleasing mobile user interfaces. PearlArc provides solid foundation for your mobility needs and caters to them with its holistic approach, state-of-the-art technologies and best practices
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PearlArc caters to different kinds of bespoke mobile application development, such as

  • Bespoke Native Mobile Applications which can be installed in the devices. These apps are designed and developed for specific devices. These apps may work in a disconnected mode, connected mode or dual mode depending on whether the app has all the data on the device itself or may need data from the server using web services.
  • Bespoke Mobile Web Applications, also known as mobile browser applications, which are not installed on the device but can be accessed using the mobile browser by hitting the URL of the application. These apps are never-the-less designed to work on mobile device screen sizes and resolutions and thus give a good user experience. The advantage they provide is that app code base is same across all devices.