Application Migration and Modernization

PearlArc provides comprehensive application migration and modernization services, from planning, implementation to testing and support.

Application Migration and Modernization

PearlArc provides comprehensive application migration and modernization services, from planning, implementation to testing and support.

We have deep expertise in legacy and emerging technologies and have extensive experience across industries and domains to script your success stories. PearlArc has helped global corporations successfully manage large scale and specific migration initiatives in consolidating their competitive edge.

Our services, customized for you

It involves redesigning and rebuilding an existing application to improve its functionality, performance, maintainability, and alignment with current business needs and technology standards. Re-engineering is often undertaken when the application has become outdated, difficult to maintain, or no longer meets the desired level of performance and scalability.
This involves transferring the application's code, data, configurations, and infrastructure from the current platform to a new platform that might offer better features, performance, scalability, or cost-effectiveness. Platform migration can be a complex and challenging task, but it is often undertaken to leverage the advantages of modern technologies and address limitations in the current platform.
Technology migration is a strategic move that can significantly impact an application's performance, maintainability, and future development. It requires careful planning, collaboration, and thorough testing to ensure a successful migration that aligns with the application's goals and the business's overall strategy.
Application rationalization is a proactive approach that enables organizations to optimize their IT landscape, reduce costs, and align IT initiatives with business goals. By identifying and addressing inefficiencies in the application portfolio, organizations can make more informed decisions about migration, modernization, and resource allocation,ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and competitive advantage.
Web enablement can breathe new life into legacy applications, extending their usefulness and ensuring they can meet the demands of modern users. By making applications web-based, organizations can achieve greater accessibility, collaboration, and flexibility.
Application modernization consulting provides organizations with the expertise and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of modernization projects successfully. By leveraging the insights and best practices from experienced consultants, organizations can accelerate their modernization efforts, reduce risks, and achieve the desired outcomes efficiently.
By modernizing the application server, database, operating system, and user interface, organizations can enhance the overall performance and user experience of their applications. Moreover, adopting modern technologies and architectures can result in cost savings, improved security, and increased agility to meet evolving business needs.
Enterprise to Cloud transformation is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning, collaboration among various teams, and a well-executed migration strategy. When done successfully, it can unlock new opportunities for businesses, enabling them to be more agile, innovative, and competitive in the digital landscape.
Language conversion in application migration and modernization can breathe new life into legacy applications, enabling them to take advantage of modern language features, tools, and ecosystems. However, it requires careful planning, expertise in both the source and target languages, and a comprehensive testing and validation process to ensure a successful and efficient conversion.
EAI to SOA migration allows organizations to achieve a more flexible and modular integration approach, enabling better scalability, easier maintenance, and improved agility in responding to changing business needs. However, this migration requires careful planning, thorough testing, and strong alignment with the organization's business and IT strategies to ensure a successful transition.
Regular application upgrades are essential for maintaining the health and longevity of an application. By staying current with the latest releases, organizations can benefit from improved security, performance, and new features while avoiding potential risks associated with using outdated software.

Application Migration and Modernization

  • Enable you to harvest the benefits of seamless migration
  • Provide tailor-made solutions for specific customer requirements and proof of concept to critically assess solution options
  • Provide system readiness for prospective application migration initiatives
  • Provide comprehensive assessment to develop a clear modernization roadmap and solution blueprint
  • Involves minimum service disruptions and no loss of business critical data
Scalability and
Security and
Business Agility

The key enablers for our application modernization services include:


Our migration services include migration of applications from IBM AS/400, upgrading legacy systems to web based systems, upgrading old VB/ ASP Applications to .NET framework and migrating C/C++/Java applications.


We also provide migration from non-strategic to strategic technologies such as programming languages, databases, transaction processors and other middleware and migration and upgrades of RDBMS: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.


PearlArc has extensive expertise in architecture consulting, componentization, code reuse & data migration, service oriented architecture (SOA), application support and migration of legacy systems.


PearlArc process based approach helps in smooth transition of your application without any setback on your valuable data and at the same time retains the basic features of your established business model


Our qualified and experienced pool of talented engineers and consultants have experience across a wide array of platforms and industries


We have proven methodology, sophisticated tools, robust architecture, mature process and models for migration

PearlArc has deep expertise and extensive cross industry experience in application modernization services which ensure that companies reap

  • Increased ROI on IT spends
  • Improved agility and business continuity
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Faster speed to market with high performance applications
  • Robust, scalable and secure applications to meet changing business needs


Detail Assessment Application rationalization, inventory identification, migration strategy & roadmap definition

Planning Selection of target environment and migration planning

Re-engineering & Migration Re-architecture and migrate the application to a new operating system and database, programming language substitution, IDE/tools version upgrade, part/complete redevelopment

Data Migration Database/data server migration, schema translation, data migration and cleansing.

Testing & Support Services Parallel tests, enhancements, bug-fixes, helpdesk services