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Remote Infrastructure Management

We enable enterprises to build and manage optimized and reliable IT infrastructure by leveraging existing technology resources and emerging trends helping them to stay responsive to dynamic business needs.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Organizations are increasingly encountering massive challenges in optimizing their IT infrastructure in order to stay agile to an unstable business environment. Organizations need to be able to withstand and rapidly recover from security risks, adhere to compliance guidelines, reduce operational costs, maximize IT performance, prepare for business continuity and scalability in terms of future expansion. On the other hand, it is crucial to stay accommodating to the rising technologies such as cloud, virtualization and mobilization.

PearlArc Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Our focus is to help you gain from emerging technologies, bring predictability and reliability and align technology with business priorities. PearlArc’s remote infrastructure management service covers:

  • Data Center Management
  • Services Desk
  • End User Computing
  • Network Management
  • Application Support

Our remote infrastructure management services are optimized, consistent and predictable and can be instrumental in enabling you cope with the challenges of swiftly changing business and technological imperatives. PearlArc remote infrastructure management services are characterized by high infrastructure security, quality processes and SLA driven engagements which enhances business continuity and lowers total cost of ownership.

PearlArc Value Proposition: What Makes Us Stand Out

Our remote infrastructure management services

  • Are complemented by our profound capabilities and extensive cross industry experience in order to deliver you utmost in value. We manage over 200 CIs, over 100 tickets on daily basis ranging from P1 to P5
  • Are instrumental in enabling you to cope with the challenges of changing business and technological imperatives
  • Are delivered by way of aligning IT infrastructures with your strategic business objectives
  • Help organizations optimize their IT infrastructures, lessen downtime, mitigate security risks, enhances business continuity and lowers total cost of ownership
  • Offer robust and proactive business continuity planning for running businesses uninterrupted and smoothly with no or minimum business impact and fast restoration of critical services and data recovery in the event of disaster or mishap
  • Are delivered in SLA driven environment with well-defined escalation matrix and proactive communication. We have strong capabilities to meet 100% SLAs
  • Leverage our ITIL processes, infrastructure assets, rigorous capabilities and extensive experience to provide customer value
  • Are backed by our global knowledge base and flexible engagement models
  • Are enriched by regular training to leverage emerging technologies coupled with performance benchmarking
  • Rigorously implement SOPs and are delivered in an agile environment for faster ramp ups and ramp downs